National News

Friday Morning Vote Scheduled To Advance Kavanaugh Nomination
Georgia Cops Find Drugs Resembling Candy Cartoon Characters
Teenager Rescued After Being Adrift on the Ocean for 49 Days
Preacher & Wife Both Facing Charges After Baby Kidnapped, Police Say
Florida Man Arrested After Cop Watched Him Toss Another Man...
Bill Cosby Sentenced To 3 to 10 Years For Sexual Assault
Fire Department Used Dead Body For Training Without Family's Consent
Law Firm Manager Accused Of Sexually Harassing Mass Shooting Survivors
Brett Kavanaugh Defends Himself in Fox News Interview With...
Florida Teacher Fired After Refusing To Comply With 'No Zeros' Policy
President Trump: "Absolute No" On Puerto Rico Statehood
Republican Party Has Highest Favorability Since 2011


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